Top 10 things to do in Budapest

My favorite top 10 things to do in Budapest, what I always recommend to my guests. If it’s your first time to Budapest, you will probably want to see all of the main budapest attractions. There is no way you will get to do it all! So here are my top 10 things to do in Budapest guide, which helps you lot!

1. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Széchenyi Thermal Bath

The Széchenyi bath in the City park is the biggest spa complex in Europe with 21pools. The baths are an ideal way to reward yourself for the hard work of sightseeing and call it a culturally enlightening experience.side of the széchenyi thermal bath

2. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: St. Stephen’s Basilica

Take a break from the rushed sightseeing in a trully mesmerizing sacred place. The St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest catholic church of the city. The interior celebrates St. István, he was Hungary’s first christian king. Read More!st stephen's cathedral

3. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: The Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge is one of the most beautiful and greatest bridge of Budapest. It connects Pest and Buda. This historic bridge guarded by lions, is Budapest’s most enjoyable and convenient bridge to cross. Chain Bridge was built between 1839-49.The Chain Bridge at night

4. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Hungarian Parliament

The Parliament building is the most famous and well known building in Budapest. The Parliament was built from 1885 to 1902 to celebrate the Hungarian millennium year of 1896. Read More!side of the hungarian parliament building

5. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Heroes’ Square

This spacious square with its monumental sculptures guides you through the one thousand year of history of the Hungarians! Heroes’ Square is located at the end of Andrássy street. The square is the entrance to the City Park, as wall as one of the most spectacular venues in Budapest.
Heroes' Square

6. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Vajdahunyad Castle

The Vajdahunyad Castle is located in the City Park. The complex actually has four parts, each representing a high point in Hungarian architectural style. Romanesque chaple, Gothic gate, Renaissance castle, and Baroque palace. All you have to do is go to the Vajdahunyad Castle to find yourself in a fairy tale!front of the vajdahunyad castle

7. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Musuem of Fine Arts

One of the biggest museums in the city. The Museum of Fine Arts is Budapest’s best chance to appreciate some European masters.front of the musuem of fine arts

8. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: House of Terror Museum

One of the most haunting and thought provoking museum in Budapest! The Building at Andrassy street 60 was home to the vilest parts of the destructive regimes.side of the house of terror museum

9. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Margaret Island

Margaret Island is a perfect gateaway from the rush of the city center. The island is essnetially a giant park in the middle of the Danube with an iconic water tower.Margaret Island

10. My top 10 things to do in Budapest: Gozsdu courtyard

If you looking for memorable, trendy pubs in Budapest, Gozsdu is a great start. Gozsdu courtyard which is jammed with lively bars and cafes. You will love the flea market at every weekend as well.Gozsdu courtyard-bars and restaurants

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