Budapest public transport tickets

Budapest Public transport tickets

How to use the public transport tickets in Budapest?
How it works?
What types of public transport tickets are available in Budapest?
Where can you buy it?
How much does it cost?

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Budapest has an excellent public transport system, which makes easy to get around the city. Run by the BKV (Budapest Transport Company)

The same types of ticket and pass cover all forms of BKV transport, it covers the metros, trams, buses, trolley buses etc. So the same tickets work for the entire system.

To ride the metro, trams, buses, you must have a valid ticket, which you can buy at kiosks, newsstands and metro entrances, machines and in some cases on the bus for an extra charge.
Sometimes it can be frustrating to find a ticket machine, thats why i recommend to buy multiday ticket.

If you have Single ticket or Block of tickets, remember to validate your ticket every time (stamp it), validation machines are located at the station entrances.

Validation machines at the station entrance

Validation machines at the station entrance

How to validate your ticket?

ticket validation

Image from:Bkk.hu

Tickets are checked frequently!!

Single tickets must be validated on a machine at the start of the journey:

  • on the metro it must be validated at the station before boarding,
  • on buses, trams, trolly buses it must be validated on board

If you change metro lines or get on a new bus or tram you must validate a new ticket.

validate your ticket

How to validate your ticket

Types of public transport tickets:

The following types of tickets are the most common use in Budapest.
Tickets can be purchased separately or more economically in booklets.

Single ticket (vonaljegy)

The basic fare for all forms of transport is 350HUF, allowing you to travel as far as you like on the same metro, tram or bus line without changing.For a ride of up to 80 minutes on any means of transit.

single ticket (vonaljegy)

Single ticket. (Image from:Bkk.hu)

Short section metro ticket (metrószakaszjegy)

It can use 3 stops or fewer on the metro. Only valid on the metro lines (M1,M2,M3,M4). Valid period is 30 minutes. Costs 300HUF.

Short section metro ticket

Short section metro ticket. (Image from Bkk.hu)

Transfer ticket (átszállójegy)

A Transfer ticket allowing unlimited stations with one charge within 100 minutes. Costs 530HUF. This type of ticket inculding one transfer between metro and bus, or metro transfers.

Transfer ticket

Transfer ticket (image from Bkk.hu)

Block of 10 tickets (10 darabos gyűjtőjegy)

This block of tickets consist of 10 pieces of single ticket, which can be shared.You can save 50HUF per ticket, note that these must stay together as a single pack.Costs 3000HUF.

Block of 10 tickets

Block of 10 tickets (Image from:Bkk.hu)

How to use public transport tickets

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